About the Program

We are a local response to a national crisis, helping homeless families build new lives.

Our Mission

Family Promise North Shore Boston aims to return newly homeless families to economic self-sufficiency, while serving each family that experiences homelessness in  a manner that embraces the dignity and strength of the family. We are committed to keeping families together during their time of homelessness and to helping them through the process of finding support and housing.

How We’re Different

Since May of 2013, Family Promise North Shore Boston has worked with local faith groups, dedicated staff and hundreds of volunteers to further our mission of housing families and helping them get back on their feet.

Our program works intensively with a small number of families at a time, dedicating many hours per week to ensure each family has the services they need to be successful. This includes a financial literacy course, job skills assessment, monthly budgeting accountability and other services as needed, such as family therapy, crisis intervention or therapeutic mentoring.  Children are able to continue their usual school routine and remain in their normal school system, providing them with a sense of stability during this time of transition for their family.

We avoid the costly and time-consuming process of creating shelters by using existing resources in an interfaith network of local congregations. Families receive meals and overnight lodging at houses of worship, which take turns sheltering families one week at a time. During the day, our guests have access and transportation to our Day Center, where professional social workers help them attain employment, sustainable housing and other services as needed. Families engage in intensive case management and receive monthly aftercare services.

This community-based response to homelessness has proved to be both efficient and lasting. None of the families that have “graduated” from the program have experienced homelessness again.

The Program

Host Congregations

Local houses of worship provide temporary overnight lodging in otherwise unused spaces in their buildings

Volunteers Like You

Today, there are over 1200 volunteers in 35+ congregations working directly with Family Promise North Shore Boston’s guests

Services that Work

To date, none of the families who have graduated from our program have experienced homelessness again

National Model

170 affiliates in 41 states, with 180,000 volunteers from 5,000 congregations, touching the lives of 50,000 people in need each year

Hear from recent graduates who speak about their experiences with Family Promise!