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Our dedicated staff devote time to helping families regain their footing through personalized services related to employment, sustainable housing and family well-being. Working together with hundreds of volunteers, the staff below constitutes a powerful force for change in ending homelessness.
Rachel Hand - Executive Director

Rachel Hand joined Family Promise North Shore Boston as the Executive Director in January of 2019. She spent the previous decade working in the field of homeless services. Her prior jobs include on-the-ground direct service with individuals experiencing homelessness, intake coordination and case management for recently housed individuals, and working to assess and place individuals and families into permanent supportive housing for the City of Cambridge.

Currently, she lives in Beverly, MA, with her husband and two cats. She is grateful to be working in the North Shore community alongside her neighbors as they fight together to advocate for affordable housing and better wages while ultimately trying to end homelessness.

Katie Day - Community Engagement Manager

Katie Day is the Community Engagement Manager at Family Promise North Shore Boston. She came to Family Promise North Shore Boston in January 2020 with twelve years of professional experience at the intersection of nonprofit organizations and faith communities. Katie was drawn to FPNSB because of the organization’s commitment to embracing the dignity and strength of all families in its efforts to end homelessness, and brings a commitment to equipping people of faith and good will to engage in this important relational-centered, transformative work through a justice-centered lens. 

Minaldy Cadet - Lead Case Manager

Minaldy Cadet is the Lead Case Manger at Family Promise North Shore Boston. Prior to Joining Family Promise in July 2020, he interned at the Refugee Resettlement Program at Catholic Charities, advocating for refugees and asylum-seekers, as well as the Catholic Legal Immigration Network (CLINIC). Minaldy is a graduate of Boston College, where he earned a B.A. in both Political Science and Psychology. He is determined to serve the North Shore community, advocating for affordable housing while working to eliminate the root cause of economic injustice.


Sarah MacHardy - Shelter/Housing Navigation Intern

Sarah MacHardy came to Family Promise North Shore Boston in August of 2019, during her senior year at Gordon College where she was pursuing her undergraduate degree in Social Work. Sarah began as an intern, working primarily alongside the Case Manager on family needs and housing search. In December of 2019, Sarah was hired to continue her internship through the new year and helped pilot the Shelter and Housing Navigation Program. 

Sarah will be pursuing her MSW at Simmons University in the Fall of 2020.

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Board of Directors

Meet our Board of Directors, who volunteer their time and put their skills to work, helping to end homelessness one family at a time.

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Tucker Bixby - President

Tucker is from Deerfield, MA, and attended Washington & Lee University in Lexington, VA. A financial planner for 18 years, he is one of the founders and the Managing Partner for New England at Arete Wealth Management, a Chicago based firm. He is also a member of the Hamilton-Wenham Rotary Club.

He and his wife Kristen moved to Hamilton, MA in 2016 after living in Wenham since 2008. They have 2 boys, ages 5 and 7.

Tucker joined the board of Family Promise North Shore Boston in 2016, and serves as the Treasurer.

Contact Tucker to learn more about Family Promise North Shore Boston and how you or your business can form a strategic partnership with this wonderful organization.

Tricia McCall - Vice President

Tricia McCall is an executive coach and Human Resources consultant whose background includes more than 15 years of Human Resources leadership across multiple industries. Tricia has held the top HR job with Lake Region Medical/Accellent, Health Dialog, ACMI and Energia Global.  She spent close to 20 years with Hewlett-Packard’s Medical Products Group in various HR roles. Tricia holds an undergraduate degree from Emmanuel College and completed a year-long leadership program through the  Higher Ambition Leadership Institute. She has been professionally certified as an executive coach through iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching), and is also certified as an Energy Leadership Index™ Master Practitioner (ELI-MP). Tricia joined the Board of Family Promise North Shore Boston because of the great work the team does working with individual families in a compassionate manner while enabling them to gain new skills needed to become independent, She was also drawn to the larger goal to help eradicate homelessness one family at a time.

Contact Tricia to learn more about Family Promise North Shore Boston.

Dale Miller-Bouton - Clerk

When Dale Miller-Bouton retired from teaching after more than 40 years, she knew that she wanted to spend her time helping children and families. Dale was on the Search Committee to pick the first program Director and Assistant Director, so she was there from the beginning of the Family Promise North Shore Boston journey. She is currently the Clerk on the Board of Directors and works on the Walk to End Homelessness and Taste the Promise fundraisers. She is also a member of the Congregational Relations committee.

Dale considers herself a “worker bee” willing to help out where needed. She loves meeting the families and being a dinner host as well as working with the Board to end homelessness, one family at a time.

Contact Dale to learn more about Family Promise North Shore Boston.

Dale Earl - President Emeritus

Dale Earl first got involved in Family Promise in 2012 when asked to help find and interview candidates for Executive Director. As a member of Second Congregational Church, one of the initial churches to sign up as a host church, Dale had been hearing updates about the progress.  Years earlier she had been part of Home at Last, a non-profit that created affordable permanent housing for families in response to the many families living in motels on Route 1. As the current Board President, she enjoys leading an amazing group of committed individuals who care deeply about homeless families. She has chaired the annual fund drive for a number of years.

A native of New Jersey, Dale and her husband Paul have two grown sons and have lived in Beverly for close to 40 years. She is a graduate of Bucknell University with a degree in Mathematics which has led to a variety of interesting jobs, where math often played a role. She describes herself as a jack of all trades and enjoys learning new things, currently working part-time for a biotech/cleantech business incubator at the Cummings Center. “Family Promise offers me a way to help people right in our communities. And I love the fact that there are now over 200 Family Promise affiliates across the country, and together with over 180,000 volunteers, we are making a real impact.”

Contact Dale to learn more about Family Promise North Shore Boston.

John Kenney

John Kenney joined the board of Family Promise in 2015 after learning about the program as a volunteer setting up bedrooms at First Church in Wenham. Family Promise offered John new ways to use his business experience in marketing after 23 years at Xerox. His primary role at Family Promise to to produce our annual Taste the Promise and Walk to End Homelessness events. He lives in Beverly with his wife Barbara and is a graduate of Marquette University and Northeastern University.

“Family Promise offers so many opportunities to make a difference – from just a few hours during a host week, to deeper involvement in events, advocacy and leadership. The amount of time I commit depends upon my schedule, so I can help a lot or just a little, knowing that every bit helps make the entire operation successful.”

Contact John to learn more about Family Promise North Shore Boston.

Cheri Marquart

Cheri Marquart attended a meeting about Family Promise that was held at her church and was immediately drawn to the concept.  At that time, she was teaching in a school that had quite a few children from homeless families who were being housed by the state in motels nearby.  These families had very little help or assistance in changing their situation, were not near public transportation, and seldom saw a Social Worker.  Often their children had been moved from one school to another and were struggling in school.  Here was a program that kept families together, helped parents change their situations, and allowed their children to stay in one school!  Cheri joined others who had attended the presentation and they continued to meet to explore the possibility of starting a Family Promise Network on Boston’s North Shore.  After a few years, that group had grown and was ready to form Family Promise North Shore Boston (FPNSB).

Cheri had joined the Board at this time and helped bring the idea to Beverly’s Second Congregational Church who became one of the first Host Congregations in our network.  By the time they started welcoming guests, Cheri was retired after, 35 years of teaching, and agreed to coordinate volunteers at Second Church and also to help organize the Volunteer Coordinators of the Host & Support Congregations in the Network.  She has continued in this role and also works on the “Taste the Promise”, “Walk to End Homelessness” fundraisers, and serves on the Congregational Relations Committee.

With FPNSB in it’s sixth year, Cheri has enjoyed volunteering, working alongside numerous dedicated volunteers, and watching many families get the help they need to move on to sustainable housing and the children become successful members of their school communities.

Cheri and her husband, Doug, have lived in Massachusetts for 29 years and have 3 grown sons.  She enjoys spending time with her granddaughters, traveling, reading & cooking.   

Contact Cheri to learn more about Family Promise North Shore Boston and how your or your congregation can help.

Duncan Ballantyne

Duncan (Dunc) joined FPNSB because he is dedicated to building the kind of community on the North Shore where people know their neighbors and support them unconditionally.

He has been on the FPNSB Board since 2012. Shortly after joining FPNSB, he was elected Vice President. He then served as Board President from 2013 to 2017. Dunc currently contributes in a variety of capacities, including the Board’s Executive Committee, leading the Fund Development Team, leading the Major Donor (Circle of Promise) Team and serving on the Board Development and Congregational Recruitment Teams.

Dunc is passionate about affordable housing. He notes, “We are living in a desirable place and are paying a premium for this. Living on the North Shore, our guests experience a huge disparity between housing costs and wages.” He welcomes your creative ideas (e.g., shared living arrangements) and help regarding ways our guest can secure well-paying jobs and housing within their means.

In retirement, Dunc also dedicates his volunteer time to his church, community gardening and stimulating community conversations in Beverly). He is an avid skier, walker, cyclist, and long-distance swimmer.

Before retiring, Dunc was a public policy researcher in workers’ compensation. He holds Masters’ Degrees in Business Administration and Rehabilitation Administration.

Talk to Dunc if you have ideas about affordable housing and ways to make FPNSB financially self-sustaining so it can continue and expand its important work in helping families become and remain self-sufficient.

Tom Lorello

Tom Lorello has over 40 years of experience in the field of homeless services. He served as the Executive Director of Heading Home Inc., a Boston-area homeless-serving agency, for over 20 years. He holds an MSW and currently is the Director of Clinical Operations and Training at the Lynn Shelter Association.

Tom has extensive knowledge of the Massachusetts shelter system and has previously worked with our current Executive Director, Rachel Hand, providing emergency shelter and permanent housing to families and individuals experiencing homelessness in the greater Boston area. He joined the Family Promise board in June of 2019 and his knowledge and expertise has helped us to develop and grow our programs in order to best serve those in need on the North Shore.

Contact Tom if you have a question about homelessness in Massachusetts!

Veronica Miranda

Veronica has been involved with Family Promise since January 2019. She joined FPNSB as 1 of 4 families in the program. After experiencing homelessness with her family of four, her and her partner were able to establish stable housing in Salem, Massachusetts. Veronica is a graduate of The University of Massachusetts Boston with a degree in Criminology. She is an EMT and is currently serving the community as a social activist in the unique town of Salem. Veronica brings a unique perspective to the board as someone who has experienced poverty and the effects it has on the black community. As a graduate of our program, her first hand experience is invaluable.

Veronica enjoys educating herself on public health topics such as systemic racism, women’s health, breastfeeding, and mental health. In her spare time, she’s drinking a mocha latte at her local coffee shop with a book in hand. Veronica hopes to raise awareness around homelessness in our communities and educate others on the disadvantages POC experience. “Family Promise provided us with a sense of community and love in a time where my family needed it most. I want to give back to FPNSB by contributing my time as well as spreading knowledge to address the issues surrounding social class and racial injustice in our nation.”

Contact Veronica to learn more about Family Promise North Shore Boston and how you can offer support!

Rev. Mike Duda

Mike Duda is the Senior Pastor at First Church in Wenham and has been on the board since our founding. The concept of Family Promise had Mike “at hello” when a representative from the Atlanta program met with him and described the brilliant beauty of this idea.  Hosting homeless families in churches and other places of worship was the perfect combination of hospitality and outreach. Before serving in his current position Mike worked with at-risk youth and families for many years and was impressed with the stability the program offers to children by enabling them to remain in their home school.

Contact Mike to learn more about Family Promise North Shore Boston and how you can get involved.

Linda Goodspeed

Linda has been involved in FPNSB since the start, originally as a volunteer. “Something in my head clicked the first time I heard about helping ‘one family at a time.’ It made sense to me. I’ve always felt a connection to homeless moms. It’s hard enough being a mom in a warm home. I can’t imagine how hard it would be without a place to live.”

Linda brings her 20+ years of experience in recruiting, business and career coaching to family promise. She leads the Annual Cardboard Box City and dreams of the day this event will be managed exclusively by local High Schoolers. Check out Linda’s blog on the FPNSB site to see what happened to her the rainy night of the 1st CBC. She is especially thankful to have been chosen to serve on the board and is humbled by those she serves with.

Vital Facts:

Favorite Band: Grateful Dead

Favorite Treat Cereal: Captain Crunch w Berries

Favorite Restaurant: Life Alive

Linda lives with her dog, her 2 teen children and her husband in Beverly.

Contact Linda to talk about Family Promise, Cardboard Box City or the Grateful Dead.