Christmas Shop Wish List

Kelly A 5 Female 9 ½ toddler shoes, 6-6x clothes, occasionally 7 the color pink, sequins, sparkles, and arts and crafts Barbie for the water, Shopkins, real cooking ultimate baking set, zomby gaga doll and elena of avalor doll from Monster High and wonderwoman and batgirl action figures
Sharee G 5 Male 11 toddler shoes, 5T socks, underwear, winter jacket, mittens, hat. Batman, cars, Legos, and arts and crafts
Sharee K  3 Female 10 toddler shoes, 4T socks, underwear, winter jacket, mittens, hat. Frozen, dolls, dress-up clothes, and Doc McStuffins Baby Alive Doll, something that you can sing into and have it record your voice
Sharee J  13 Female 7 adult shoes winter jacket, mittens, hat design, arts and crafts, music and movies
Rachel V 13 Female XL bottoms, L shirts makeup, gift cards, leggings
Rachel Y 8 Female size 7 pants and tops Pokemon, puzzles
Rachel B 7 Male size 9 pants, size 8 shirts Pokemon, cars
Rachel E 3 Male 3T planes, trains, cars, Paw Patrol
Krissy S 7 Female size 12 clothes, 3-3.5 girls shoes pants, socks, long sleeve shirts , new winter coat  animals, arts and carfts Shopkins, jewlery making kits, play dough or play sand, magic kit, Legos, Barbies, books
Krissy K  10 Female Size 18 girls clothes, size 8-8.5 kids dragons, fantasy  mystery books, jewlery making kits, Pokemon, comics, drawing or art supplies, 
Christina J  3 Female Size 3-4T girls clothes, children’s shoes 7.5-8.5 Disney, specifically Tinkerbell, Micky Mouse Club House, and PJ Masks Crafts supplies, play dough, and stuffed animals
Christina R 6 Male Size 5-6 clothes, children’s shoes 10-11 Crafts, coloing, painting, sports Cars, trucks, airplanes, football or soccer ball
Katie C  14 Female Apple gift card, walmart gift card,  Nail polish Perfume, books
Katie J  5 Female clothes 6 Crafts, dolls, Puzzles Baby dolls, doll clothes and feed supplies, barbies puzzles Legos
Katie J  5 Female clothes 6 Crafts, dolls, Puzzles Baby dolls, doll clothes and feed supplies, Trolls(from the movie) Monster High dolls, coloring books, crayons and markers. 
Vanessa A 15 Female 8.5 boots. (would like brown) footie pajamas (med) A.  would like most of all  a book called Diary of An Oxygen Thief   I have included a link to Amazon. She would also like gift cards:  Beverly DAy Spa, Cheesecake factory, mall, movie.
Janaia N 5 Female snow boots (12) Snowsuit and winter coat (6) Maybe another of each in a 7 arts and crafts, spirograph, remote control car, Moana doll (disney movie), anything Frozen or Trolls. Language building skill toys, play doh.  Likes Baby Dolls that can give bottles to and change diapers.  Superhero toys.  Paw patrol figures. 
Bessie V 14 Female clothes 14slim, shirts small,  shoe size 6  coat small for woman or 14childrens Wintercoat, winter boots She likes dark colors…navy, hunter green,  Kareoki microphone, gift cards: H&M, Old Navy, Prime Ark, Alta
Yaritza H 3 months Male sensory toys It might be best to give gift cards (Toys R Us) Target
Janett E 10 Male Clothes 12/14 Shoes 8 Legos, WWE Wrestler figures, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Pokemon Cards, Remote Control Helicopter, Basket Ball. 
Janett K  7 Male Clothes 10/12 Shoes 7 Legos, WWE Wrestler figures, Remote Control Helicopter, Transformer, Pokemon cards, ninja turtles
Janett E 15 Female Arts and Crafts gift cards, bath and body
Janett I 16 Female Arts and Crafts gift cards bath and body 
Jourbert N  11  Male  coat,  shoes  Headphones, Ripstick, Piggybank, New shoes, Basketall net and basketball, Soccerball, Nerf Arrow, Pull up bar, DVD’s, Lego games, Lights for my bike, Watch, nerf gun.
Jourbert    J  13  Female  Clothes: Y16; adult small/med.    Shoes  Y4          Snow boots  4.5  coat, Basketball shoes and shorts  Athletics,  Math,  life science.  Basketball shoes, basketball shorts  Jordans, Light up roller skates,  hoodies,  sweater  snow boots,  gift card
Elia Y 7 Male Clothes 8  Shoes 3.5 underwear 7  coat, shoes, pants shirts Y love everything cars.  Would like a race track for small cars,  small cars,  Remote control car/helicopter, 
Heather G 3 Female 3T Shoes  9 Sweaters, long sleeve shirts, pants and snow boots.  Barbies, Disney movies, leapfrog books, dress up clothes, play doh. 
Heather I 10 Female Clothes 14/16  Shoes 8 womens Winter Jacket, jeans, long sleeve shirts, sweaters, snow boots.  Any Five nights at Freddy’s toys, earbuds, headphones, drawing supplies, iTunes and Amazon cards. 
Heather A 12 Female Clothes 14/16kids 2 juniors.       Shoes 8 Winter Jacket, hat and gloves, snow boots, long sleeve shirts Warm boots (uggs)laptop carrying case, headphones, clothes, perfume, makeup case, I-tunes card, Mall gift card, Amazon gift card, 
Nikki R teenager male Black socks  Gift cards GameStop,Lids, Kohl’s and H&M
Nikki N teenager Female Boot socks