FPNSB-mom-son-long250Read what religious leaders, volunteers, and guests have to say about the Family Promise program. If you would like to share your thoughts, please contact us.

“Mom, I know we are house-less, but we’re not homeless.”

9 year old Guest

I just want to say Thank You for everything that you do for the families in and outside the program. It is amazing to see my Family Promise Family at a successful point in life.



“I found myself in an awful living situation and wound up being homeless with my two children. Through a friend, I was able to get involved with Family Promise North Shore Boston. We’ve been able to make this situation like an extended family. The volunteers were amazing. Now things are looking up. 


“Many faith communities have discovered that hosting families in their empty space has opened doors not only for the families, but also for their congregations as they cook meals, offer solace, play with the kids, and ultimately support these families while they find jobs and homes. There are so many problems beyond our grasp, yet this is one time we can make a difference here in our own backyard.”

Rev. Michael J. Duda
Senior Pastor
First Church in Wenham

“When one graduates, what they are doing is successfully completing a course of training. Well, that is exactly what happened at Family Promise for my family.


“I’ve worked with homeless people for several years and this is one of the most exciting strategies I’ve ever had the privilege of being a part of. It’s an ingenious program that gives every congregation, large or small, an opportunity to make a hands-on difference for the sake of the newly homeless. I’m thrilled to be involved and look forward to the adventure.”

Doug Brendel
Author, Minister

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